The pumpkin is utilized to introduce new students to observational methodology, drawing media, and multimedia application. The goal is to render a realistic spatial object with accurate contours while focusing on the development of an individualized surface effect.
The cow skull continues the development of observational methodology and multimedia application by emphasizing the development of the bone structure within the contours while rendering a range of values that are influenced by the surface patterns.
The rib cage introduces the idea of developing a common denominator approach to a complex subject. The focus is to develop the ribs through the development of the sternum area and where the ribs bend toward the spine. A focus is on creating a harmonious rib cage with individualistic ribs.
The figure is an important subject for art curriculum. My approach is to develop the main masses of the figure and refine the contours in addition to rendering the sketch of the skeletal structure to ensure proper proportions are maintained. The goal is to render a life like figure with an expression of humanity through the variety and accuracy of the figure contours.  
The ink puddle wash approach is designed to enhance the creative process by having the students start the drawing with a pattern created by the puddle wash rather than a blank sheet of paper. Due to the patterns of the ink wash, the student is inspired by the process from the onset and this facilitates a dialogue between the paper surface and the student.
The skull with the facial features drawing introduces the portrait bust. Students examine the bone structure of the face and concentrate on the accurate measurement of the eyes. The measurement includes the distance between and the relative size of the two eyes. Also of importance is the side-to-side axis orientation utilizing the process of aligning the four points of the outer and inner points of each eye.  
The portrait bust fully utilizes the structural considerations from the skull with facial features drawing while developing the humanity of the person. The portrait bust includes an emphasis on the shoulders to introduce the ideal of establishing the proportions and character of the full figure though careful consideration of the width and contours of the neck and shoulders.
The final project drawing allows the student a large degree of latitude regarding subject matter and approach. The goal is to allow students to explore the full range of the techniques and approaches covered over the course of the semester.